Rabbit's Playground regards a Garry's Mod server platform that involves Garry's Mod mini-games.
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 Staff Complaint Request

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PostSubject: Staff Complaint Request   Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:02 pm

Every staff member has his/her breaking point, and staff doesn't always follow the rules 24/7. Please keep in mind that staff members are human and even they want to have fun every now and then. However, there are always situations that are deemed too far when it comes to a staff member abusing his/her powers. Examples of this is: mass slays, unreasonable bans, abusing the !tp or other "fun" commands, etc. If you've noticed a staff member abusing his/her powers, please follow this request below in your staff complaint! This complaint can include anyone being rude on the forums! Please include any threads in your evidence!

Staff Complaint
Staff Name:
Day(s) of Abuse:
Rule(s) Broken:
Their Reasoning For Abuse: This is, if he/she banned someone, the reasoning they supplied with why they were banning. Example: "Bob was banned permanently for being a douche lulz fukkr go away"
Any Evidence of Abuse:
Spectators of Incident:

Below is the code for this request. Please copy and paste it into your staff complaint request!
Staff Complaint Code:
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Staff Complaint Request
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