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 Zeternal Staff Complaint

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PostSubject: Zeternal Staff Complaint   Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:09 pm

Your steam name: Hamsterman

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66439082

Your Steam Profile: http;//steamcommunity(DOT)com/profiles/76561198093143893/


Name of Staff member: Zeternal

Profile of Staff member: http;//steamcommunity(DOT)com/profiles/76561198079583391

SteamID of Staff member: STEAM_0:1:59658831


Give a brief description of what happened: So, Zeternal notices that I have a hit on him so he cloaks so I can't see him then a T-mod (UnkownError) trys to help me with this issue by bringing him and jailing him. After a bit of this Zeternal kicks Unkown (Unkown was the one who gave me the hit), he then uncloaks knowing that I had no clue that hits canceled if the hit giver was kicked. Zeternal even prompted me saying "Hey, i'm over here" in voice chat. I then unknowingly kill him and Zeternal then gives me a !warn warning and leaves the game.

 (FAdmin) zeternal (STEAM_0:1:59658831) Cloaked themselves
(OOC) Hamsterman: where is he?
(Someone) teleported to zeternal
(Someone) teleported to zeternal
[DarkRP] Payday! You received $95! (5% Tax)
Hamsterman: Zeternal
[Advert] Hamsterman: This is a Kidnap, Follow me or FailRP
(OOC) Hamsterman: oops
(Someone) granted god mode upon zeternal
UnknownError42: !ungod zet
(Someone) revoked god mode from zeternal
UnknownError42: !god UnknownError42
(Someone) granted god mode upon UnknownError42
(Someone) revoked god mode from UnknownError42
Hamsterman: where is Zet?
UnknownError42: !bring zet
(Someone) brought zeternal
Hamsterman: he's invisible
Hamsterman: freeze him
Hamsterman: then bring him
(Someone) froze zeternal
(Someone) unfroze zeternal
(Someone) brought zeternal
(Someone) froze zeternal
(Someone) unfroze zeternal
(OOC) Hamsterman: wtf
(OOC) UnknownError42: hes cloaked
(OOC) Hamsterman: k
(OOC) UnknownError42: i cant uncloak
(OOC) Hamsterman: jail him
(Someone) teleported and jailed zeternal
(Someone) kicked UnknownError42 (reason)
:offline: Player UnknownError42 (STEAM_0:1:63600805) has left the server: Kicked by zeternal(STEAM_0:1:59658831) - reason
[Hitman Module] Hit Fail: Requester has left the server!
:online: Player UnknownError42 (STEAM_0:1:63600805) has joined the game.
(OOC) Hamsterman: lol
(OOC) Hamsterman: i'm sorry
[DarkRP] Payday! You received $95! (5% Tax)
(Someone) unjailed zeternal
(FAdmin) zeternal (STEAM_0:1:59658831) Uncloaked themselves
Hamsterman: poop
(OOC) zeternal: nice rdm
(OOC) Hamsterman: that was a hit
(OOC) zeternal: 16:42:03 - [Hitman Module] Hit Fail: Requester has left the serve
(OOC) Hamsterman: woops
(OOC) Hamsterman: sorry
[AWarn] You have been warned by The Legend Scott Sterling for rdm.
[AWarn] You will be kicked after: 3 total active warnings.
[AWarn] You will be banned after: 5 total active warnings.
[AWarn] Type !warn to see a list of your warnings.
(OOC) Hamsterman: you could have kicked me
Hamsterman: !warns
:offline: Player The Legend Scott Sterling (STEAM_0:1:59658831) has left the server: Disconnect by user.

UnkownError is an eye witness and you may ask him for confirmation on the issue

Last edited by Hamsterman on Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:16 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Zeternal Staff Complaint   Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:11 pm

HAHA this is a joke
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PostSubject: Re: Zeternal Staff Complaint   Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:57 pm

This issue has now been resolved and this post shall now be closed, thank you for being patient.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeternal Staff Complaint   

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Zeternal Staff Complaint
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