Rabbit's Playground regards a Garry's Mod server platform that involves Garry's Mod mini-games.
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 Staff Rules

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PostSubject: Staff Rules   Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:06 pm

Staff Rules

Rule 1: Do not bind or abuse the !tp command
Rule 2: Do not randomly give yourself or others pointshop points without permission from the TTT Owner (OMGRabbit) or the TTT Developer (Harv)
Rule 3: Do not randomly give yourself items from the pointshop without permission from those listed above.
Rule 4: Do not abuse any command (!explode, !slap, !maul, etc) randomly on members of the server.
Rule 5: Do not be biased towards who you do and do not slay/kick/ban
Rule 6: Do not randomly add yourself into another group without permission from the Owner or Developer
Rule 7: Do not promote anyone without permission from the Owner or Developer
Rule 8: Do not give anyone Donor points unless otherwise specified by those listed above
Rule 9: Do not add commands to your staff group without permission from those listed above.


If you fail to follow the rules listed above, your staff position will be terminated for a minimum of 1 week or more.
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Staff Rules
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