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 DarkRP Rules

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PostSubject: DarkRP Rules   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:58 am

Basic Rules:

1. No RDM. (Random Deathmatch)
2. Don't Break NLR. (New Life Rule)
3. No prop minging. (Prop pushing,killing,blocking, etc)
4. Respect everyone. do not use inappropriate language, racism, purposefully annoying people or trolling.
5. Scamming is not allowed whatsoever.
6. Do not interfere with Staff on Duty.
7. Do not mic or chat spam (occ, admin, or advert chat).
8. Inappropriate names will result in a forced change.
9. This is a mature server and we expect players/staff alike to get along and not be childish.
10. DO NOT harass/abuse staff.

Role-Playing Rules:

1. You MUST advert the following: Raid, mug, assist, counter, Kidnap.
2. Do not RP in spawn.
3. No job abuse.
4. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation.
5. Kos lines are encouraged when basing.
6. Do not Fail Rp.
7. Assassinating the mayor is ONLY permitted via a hit placed with a hitman.
8. DO NOT self supply as a dealer.

New Life Rule:

1. Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life.
2. You may not return to the area where you died until you wait the 3 minute NLR Area cooldown time.
3. If you are close enough to the area where you died, so that you are influencing the RP that is ongoing in said area, then you are breaking NLR.
4. The only Exception to NLR is for police whom are dealing with a bank heist. (Think of them as "Reinforcements")

Raiding Rules

1. Jobs that can raid and assist in raids are: Terrorist, Thief, Robber, Gangster, Mob boos, Hitman (Only to kill a current hit, can not assist.)
2. You must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding. (you must wait 20 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base)
3. You can not Initiate a raid advert from inside, on the roof of a building, or from another base.
4. You may raid someone who is already being raided as long as you follow through with the raid and advert "assist".
5. You may not continue raiding if an admin is called to the situation. All roleplay should stop until the sit is over.
6. You must advert raid for PD, Bank ,and fellow player homes.

Building Rules:

1. Do not abuse the fading door.
2. You may not have a fading door with the sole purpose to protect a keypad or button.
3. Keypads must be connected to a working fading door.
4. Keypads must have a hold length of 8 seconds.
5. Keypads must be placed near the door they open in plain sight.
6. Keypads must be low enough to be cracked from ground level.
7. Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public unless you are a hobo/King Hobo.
8. Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NPCs spawn.
9. Bases that require crouching or alter your speed or movement in any way are disallowed.
10. One way props are disallowed.
11. The maximum number of fading doors is 4.

Fail RP:

1. Give AT LEAST 30 seconds for a mug/kidnap victim to respond.
2. If you are being mugged and have a weapon already out, you may defend yourself.
3. If you are being mugged and DO NOT have a weapon out you may not pull out a weapon and shoot the mugger/kidnapper.

Job Rules:

Security Guard: You must be hired by someone to guard either a store or the Bank.

Bank Guard: You sole purpose is to guard the bank against heist and raids.

Body Guard: You must be hired by someone to guard their personal body. You guard the body hint "body guard".

Anarchists: You are not allowed to randomly kill people, everything must be done with a valid reason, and no reasons like "Because Allah" that is not allowed.

Bank/Armory raids: Police may return to the scene however robbers may not, this is to make it more fair for the police.

Robber: The Maximum amount of money to be mugged/robbed is 5000.

Mayor: The mayor is only allowed to have a pistol as a weapon. The mayor is only allowed to base in the PD.

Mayors Daughter: This is a strictly Role play Job and should not have any firearms. You will be "WARNED" if caught. Its encouraged that there is a police escort with her at all times.

Gun Dealers: You are not allowed to self supply.

Drug Dealers/Lord: You are allowed to raid other Drug Dealers but you have to advert "Drug Raid".

Medic: Medics are allowed to assist on raids but only to heal other raiders. Medics may also set up a shop and heal people for money or heal for free.

Hitmen: You are allowed to raid but only to complete a hit. Do not ask people to place a hit on a certain person, that is harassment.

Lawyer: Help the bad guys get out of trouble.

Theater Manager: Do not play extremely long or "explicit" videos. Don't play the same video over and over.

Miner: Common sense.

Little Person: Only allowed to pickpocket(No raiding are mugging.) and are allowed to base.

Police and Swat: Must have a reasonable reason to warrant a player and include evidence.

Military: Handles anything Police and Swat cannot handle.

Hacker: Common sense.


Anarchists with weapons out may be KOS (Kill On Site) by police.

All jobs are allowed (except Mayor's daughter and hobos) are allowed to counter Raids.

Staff rules:

1. Be respectful to everyone. This includes all players and fellow staff.
2. Do not “ulx noclip” while roleplaying UNLESS an emergency occurs.
3. Do not go AFK while on duty.
4. The verdict of a higher-up is the final word. Do not question the decisions of a higher-up.
5. Never ask or beg for a promotion. If you do you will be demoted.
6. Don’t be biased against players because of race, religion, age, gender, or previous actions.
7. Keep a mature and calm attitude at all times.
8. A sit must take place in order for a player to be warned or a situation to be solved.
9. Do not remove warns without a head-admin, super-admin, developer, or owners consent.
10. Do not create your own set of rules based on previous staff experience on other servers.
11. You may not use your staff abilities to give you an upper hand in a Role Play situation.
     Examples: Spawning in weapons, !blogs, no-clipping into a base to see what's inside (while not staff on duty), slapping a player and damaging them, using your physgun to move players that have done nothing wrong and are not stuck, etc.
12. Do not interrupt/spy on higher staff member sits or meetings.  
13. Serve as a role model for player and lower ranking staff on the server.
14. You must be in god mode when going staff on duty.
15. Do not give “special treatment” to certain players.
16. Permanently ban for Mass RDM, Mass NLR, Mass Prop Spam, Threats To DDos the server, or if they are on just to troll. Everything else is a warn.
17. You may not carry out any roleplay of any kind while on duty.
18. Make sure to have fun but do not destroy other people’s fun time. They want to play the game and have fun too. It's your job to make the game fun for them.

All staff members should remember these things.

Keep a calm clear mind at all times
Never pick sides because they are a friend, donor, etc.
Don't lose your head because a player called you a name or cussed you out. (Side note: You can warn them for staff disrespect.)
Don't stress yourself on being the most perfect staff member. Take a break if you need it.

If any staff members fail to follow these rules they will be in danger of losing their position.
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DarkRP Rules
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