Rabbit's Playground regards a Garry's Mod server platform that involves Garry's Mod mini-games.
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 Rules for Traitors/Detectives/Innocents

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PostSubject: Rules for Traitors/Detectives/Innocents   Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:58 pm


If someone is trapping you, inform the staff that you are stuck and have them teleport you out. Use '@' to message staff.

WARNING: Playing with bodies has a habit of crashing the server so please refrain from doing so

General Rules

   > No ghosting.
   > Treat others and staff with respect!
   > Propkilling is kosable and can be made into two slays if rdm.
   > No false KOSing. (KOSing on gun type)
   > No KOSing based on model, trails, hats, etc.
   > If the detective asks you to see a body you are holding you MUST comply.
   > If you are AFK you will be kicked or moved to spectators!
   > Detectives can KOS someone who refuses to test only in overtime
   > No spamming or harassing other players and admin chat.
   > No gore or porn sprays
   > No claiming rooms/terrain on server
   > No camping/delaying when majority of players are dead
   > Do NOT prop surf out of the map or into glitch spots
   > No unreadable nicknames (must contain 3 or more English characters)

   > No RDM
   > No false KOS
   > You can ONLY kill AFK players in overtime
   > In overtime, you may kill on suspicion with detective's permission
   >If no detective is alive, you may kill on suspicion only with majority vote.

RDM Report Rules
> No false reports (First would be warning, any after would be slay per false report)
> Responses to reports need to be clarified and taken seriously.

   > No killing traitor buddies
   > Announce the usage of a traitor weapon (exploding pigeon, RSB etc) while in a group with other traitor buddies.
   > No camping in traitor room or delaying round.
   > No KOSing traitor buddy


   > Shooting around other players (traitor baiting)
   > No crowbarring at the beginning of the round (Do not damage other players in general)
   > Throwing frag, incendiary, or discombobulators
   > Not identifying bodies/being around unidentified bodies (Must give a chance to identify body)
   > Calling KOS on innocents
   > Planting C4
   > Damaging traitor testers or health stations
   > Having a traitor weapon without announcing where/who you got it from can lead to suspicion and/or KOS.
   > Approaching another player with an explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc)
   > Hiding traitor equipment (C4, decoy, radio, etc)
   > Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms)
   > Holding an unidentified body
   > Throwing/moving dead bodies off the map or to a hidden place

Map Specific Rules

High Ground Maps
   > Throwing discombobs is KOSable, especially when it causes death or damage to players

  > Holding a charged axe is traitorous and thus KOSable
  > Breaking bridges when someone is on them is KOSable
  > Throwing discombobulators is KOSable

  > No door blocking
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Rules for Traitors/Detectives/Innocents
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