Rabbit's Playground regards a Garry's Mod server platform that involves Garry's Mod mini-games.
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PostSubject: Clarifications/Consequences   Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:56 pm


RDM (Innocents/Detectives)

   > Randomly damaging or killing other players.
   > Killing someone on suspicion.
   > Killing someone for following you.
   > Randomly prop damaging or killing.
   > Crowbar fighting.
   > If you allow someone to kill you, its still considered RDM.


   > Using third party chat to inform player of in-game events they are not yet aware of.
   > This includes using in-game private chat, admin chat, steam chat, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc.
   > This includes giving away information about yourself.
   > Using public chat, team chat and spectator chat will ensure you aren't ghosting.
     Any other forms of communication could result in inadvertently ghosting and we will enforce it.

Prop surfing

   > Any area of the map that is inaccessible without using props is considered unreachable.
   > Prop surfing into the sky is allowed as long as you're in plain sight.


  > Innocent RDM - 1 slay
  > Traitor RDM - 2 slays
  > Detective RDM - 3 slays
  > RDMing the owner is fucking stupid and not part of the game (3 slays)


   > 1st time - Slay*
   > 2nd time - A slay for 2 rounds*
   > 3rd time - 1 day ban
   > 4+ times - 1 week ban or perma ban
   * If you're slain for RDM, you have to stay the whole round or it's considered RDM & leave.

RDM & leave

   > 1st time - 1 week ban
   > 2nd time - 2 week ban
   > 3rd time - Perma ban


   > 1st time - Warning.
   > 2nd time - Gag/mute for an entire game*
   > 3rd time - Perma gag, kick, or ban
   * If you keep spamming in admin chat after being muted, you will be banned for 24 hours.


   > 1st time - Warning
   > 2nd time - Kick
   > 3rd time - 1 day ban
   > 4th time - 1 week ban or perma ban

Hacking & Cheating

   > 1st time - Perma ban

Porn*/Gore Sprays

   > 1st time - Warning
   > 2nd time - Kick
   > 3rd time - Starting from 3 days up to a 1 week ban
   * It is up to the staff member to decide whether or not to punish you for this rule (entitled to porn sprays only)

Please note that punishments are subject to change under an admin's discretion.
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