Rabbit's Playground regards a Garry's Mod server platform that involves Garry's Mod mini-games.
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 Rules of Rabbit's Playground

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PostSubject: Rules of Rabbit's Playground   Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:30 pm

Basic Website Rules

Rule 1: Do not spam.
Rule 2: Be polite.
Rule 3: Do not comment in a thread if it does not concern you.
Rule 4: Follow the Template structure for each application or request.
Rule 5: Supply evidence of any abuse or hacking witnessed on the TTT server (This can include but is not limited to screenshots of messages or video evidence of hacked clients on the server).

Basic Application Rules

Rule 1: Must have at least 24 hours game play on the server to apply.
Rule 2: Must be at least 16 years old.
Rule 3: Must be an active member of the server.
Rule 4: Must show dedication.
You will NOT be accepted as staff if you are continuously asking or reminding the owner about your request to become staff. Your application will be deleted and any request afterwards will not be accepted.

Basic Ban/Unban Rules

Rule 1: Include both Steam Name and Steam ID.
Rule 2: Supply exact evidence why or why not the person should be banned.
Rule 3: Include names of witnesses of the situation.
Rule 4: List the rule(s) that the accused broke that classified a ban.
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Rules of Rabbit's Playground
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